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Saddle-up and ride out west with Buffaloes Duel from SlotVision. Be sure to bring your shotgun because this territory is thick with wolves and mountain lions! Yes siree, this very highly volatile slot ain’t for the feint-of-heart!
This 50-payline slot packs a real twist too – mirrored reels! There are just two visible symbols on each reel, but the reels are mirrored, meaning the top symbol on the top reel will always be the same as the bottom symbol on the bottom reel, while the top symbol on the bottom reel will always be the same as the bottom symbol on the top reel – delivering twice the fun and exhilarating gameplay! Keep an eye out for the buffalo because it’s a Wild, which substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter. But things get really exciting if a buffalo appears on the bottom row of the top reel, and the top row of the bottom reel, because there’s a clash as they lock horns! All wins are subject to a x2 multiplier, and if it happens on additional reels the multipliers increase, with clashes on all five reels at once boosting wins with a massive x10 multiplier.

And, don’t forget the golden eagle Scatter, with 6, 8 or 10 triggering 10, 15, or 25 Free Games!

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Unforgettable slots that keep on performing

All operators will look at many online casino game providers before choosing which slot software providers to offer their players. But, we are confident that the unique blend of engaging entertainment Slotvision’s HMTL5 games offer is among the very best in the market. Unfortunately, there are some operators out there who do think all casino game providers are the same. But, our highly experienced slot developers team, which has been drawn from many other successful slot game development companies across the iGaming industry, knows that is not true. There is a huge difference between a game that will mean something to players, engage them at a deep level, and keep them coming back time and again, and a normal, run-of-the-mill slot which players will try once or twice then forget about.

For an online casino to be successful in this highly competitive day and age, operators need to offer a wide choice of the very best casino slot machine developers, offering the most engaging titles. And, it is Slotvision’s mission, as a slot developer, to offer a complete catalogue of such games, so that operators can invest their time and resources with confidence.

What makes Slotvision’s games so appealing?

Of course, the first thing that grabs people’s eyes and convinces them to try any slot game in the first place is the title and graphics. At Slotvision we have made slot development into a fine art. We understand how to create visuals that will stand out in a sea of other games, and make players click that all-important first time. Unlike many other slot game developers, we pay attention to the details. From the colours to the composition of design elements, everything is carefully considered to make it stand out. Our titles are short, simple and impactful – they instantly convey what the slot is all about, without causing confusion or wasting people’s precious time. We believe this is what slot machine software developers should do.

And, the themes! This is, of course, critical. Our team of slot machine developers know that players want to escape their reality for w while - whether it's travelling back in time for adventures in the ancient world, travelling forward into alternate futures, or simply escaping to far-flung exotic destinations – our slots are brimming with adventure, fantasy, magic, sex appeal and glamour. In a nutshell, we understand that games are supposed to be enjoyed, and if a player doesn’t get a tingle in their spine when playing, the developer has failed. That’s why our slot machine software development team pack our slots full of exciting mechanics, bonus features and engaging animated features, to truly transport players to another world, where they can forget about the stresses of everyday life. So, in a world of many slots developers, we believe Slotsvision stands out as among the very best slots software developers.

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